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Teen Only Survival server

Key Features:

The Teen Only Survival Server is only for members aged 13-17 and has less features than our other Survival Server to keep it more 'vanilla'. On this server you cannot claim land and there is no Shopping District.

This world is on hard mode, which means:

  • Keep inventory is turned off, when you die a grave is created.

  • The difficulty is set to “hard”! In Hard mode, hostile mobs will spawn and deal more damage than Normal mode. Mobs can cause you harmful status effects such as Poison or the Wither effect. You can also die of hunger in Hard mode.

PVP can be enabled or disabled using the /pvp command. For you to pvp another player both of you must have pvp enabled. If you do not want people to be able to attack you, you can keep pvp disabled. 

Spawn Co-ordinates: -56 109 -103

Other features are explained in more detail below:

Proximity Chat

The Teen Only Survival server comes with two different types of Proximity Chat, which allows players who are near to each other in the game, to voice chat to each other. There two different types are detailed below, but please note that they do not mix - so one person using one method, cannot chat to someone else using the other method!

First Method:

To set up proximity chat on Discord you need to go to the #link channel in the SG Teen Discord Server, and use the command /link

This will then give you a command and a code to paste into the chat on the Teen Only Minecraft Server which will link your Minecraft and Discord together. 

Finally, join the Lobby VC on Discord and now whenever you come in close proximity with another player you both will be sent to private VC. 

If you want to unlink you can use the command /skoice unlink in the chat on the Teen Only Minecraft Server.

Second Method:

1. Type /audio on the teen Minecraft server.





2. Click the link and on the webpage click the Start session with VoiceChat button











3. Configure settings below and your good to go!

Recommended settings:

Audiovolume over distance: Exponential
3D Audio Rolloff: Normal
set audio to 100%
Noise Gate: adjust automatically


Chest Protection

Chest Protection
Chest protection

Chest protection

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The Chest Protection System

You can easily unlock and lock objects by typing the command /lock or /unlock and then clicking on the object.

Once an object is locked you can hold shift and left click on the object OR type /protect and left click which will bring up the settings menu for that object!

How to add someone to an object?


Using the protection system, you can give individual players access to an object.

In the menu, go into the “Members” section and then click on the green skull that says “Trust player” you can then type in the username you would like to add. From here you can remove member permission or promote them to 'admin', meaning they can also trust other players to this item. Another way to do this is by typing /trust [player] then clicking on the object

How to add a group to an object?

You are able to create groups which you can then add users to. Once that group is added to an object that will give all the users in the group access to use the object. 


If you go to the 'groups' section of the menu you can create a group and give it a name. Then all you have to do is simply left click on the group you would like to add and that will add everyone inside that group to the object.


To remove the group from the object you can hover over the “Edit Group” section in the main object menu and just press the “Q” Key.

There is a lot of customisation for the chest protection system. You can get more in depth information here: The protection system in detail

You can lock a variety of items, including up to 10 pets if you would like to keep them safe :) 

The Grave/ Death System

The grave system
Graves System

Graves System

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The Grave/ Death System

When you die on the Minecraft server you will get a death message which shows the coordinates where you died. You can load this up again at any time by typing /grave. 

You have 15 minutes to get to your grave once you die, which is 10 minutes longer than the usually time on Minecraft. If you take longer than 15 minutes, the loot will drop and anyone is able to pick it up (if people know this is yours and you are trying to get this, they must give it back)


When you get to your grave, you can click on it to open it and get all of your items back.

I died to a bug/ glitch! Can you do anything to help?

​The Minecraft server aims to be as close to normal survival as possible. Therefore, the only time staff members can give you your items back if you don't make it to your grave on time is if there is a bug or glitch.

We also only give items back if there is solid evidence of a bug, lag or a glitch.

This means that when you join our server, we recommend having software that allows you to record things that have happened in the past.


On Xbox, you can make a game capture

On PS4, you can make a game capture


On PC, you can use one of the following:

NVidia GeForce Experience


Windows Game Bar

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the relevant system in place to record your gameplay

More info on contacting staff for support can be found here > Getting Support <

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