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Here are some of the main questions people have about our community. If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact


Do you need an autism diagnosis to join our community?

While our community is for autistic young people, some of our members do not have an official diagnosis.


How do we keep young people safe in our community?

Here is what we can do to keep young people safe, and what you need to do to ensure they are safe too


My child doesn't want to join because they are too anxious or reject autism. What do I do?

Joining a new community is difficult, especially if you have negative feelings towards autism. Here is how we can help with that.


What games do you play in the community? Is there more than one?

Young people in our community play many different games, and the events we run are chosen by our community members too.


When will you accept new members from my area?

While we are currently only accepting new members from certain areas of the UK, we would love to be able to support young people in other areas too.


Who can join your community?

We are currently only accepting new applications from young people living in certain areas of the UK

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