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I am aged 13-17

Here is a list of what we have on offer for young people aged 13-17. We are currently temporarily closed to new members, but when we reopen the form to fill in will be here!

Please follow us on social media if you would like to know when we re-open to new members.

Discord Server

We have set up a Discord server for young people who are aged 13-17.

This enables young people to connect, play games together and take part in our regular events.


This community also creates content together, including YouTube videos and a podcast.

See how it works here

Minecraft Server

We run a Minecraft Server for autistic young people under the age of 18. 

We have a survival world and a creative world, in addition to regular events for young people to get involved with. 

Some young people also run their own factions that are open for people to join.

Meet Ups

We run meet ups for autistic young people in the Greater Manchester area, which include a gaming club, running club, forest school, walking group and more.

Young people can request activities based on their interests, then we do what we can to facilitate them!

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