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Autism Acceptance - 6 week course

12 hours worth of talks, content and Q&A for £40

Spectrum Gaming has a huge focus on advocacy - ensuring autistic young people's voices are heard, and one way we are aiming to do this is by offering indepth autism training, focused on the lived experience of autistic young people.

This series of 6 webinars has been coproduced with autistic young people, and delivered by autistic adults, or young people themselves, with the focus on helping professionals, parents/ carers and more improve their understanding of autism.

It is focused on some key areas that are often misunderstood and aims to bring together both theory, and authentic lived experience of autistic young people who are often unheard.

These webinars will not be like any training you have attended before and will challenge a lot of how autism is described. But they are also filled with content and resources so you won't just hear theory and lived experience, but will also be able to take away practical solutions to challenges you may currently be experiencing. There will also be a Q&A at the end of every session.

A recording will be available for 30 days after each session if you cannot make it on the day.

August 2023

Dates/ times: 

Wednesday 2nd August 7-9pm

Wednesday 9th August 7-9pm

Wednesday 16th August 7-9pm

Wednesday 23rd August 7-9pm

Wednesday 30th August 7-9pm

Wednesday 6th September 7-9pm

Future sessions

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Session 1: Understanding the wider autism lens

Autistic young people are rarely just autistic and often have co-occurring conditions. This session will focus on co-occurring conditions, including mental health conditions and why they are more common in autistic people. 

Session 2: Autism from our perspective

This session was created, and will be delivered by autistic young people themselves. They would like to explore autism facts/ myths and then explain what autism ACTUALLY is from an insider's perspective (not how it is described by others).

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Session 3: Autism and Trauma

Trauma is massively underrecognised, but has a huge impact on many autistic young people's lives. We aim to explain more about what trauma is, how it impacts on autistic young people, and what can help with recovering from trauma.


Some of this session will be focused specifically on school based trauma, which a high proportion of autistic young peopel experience.

Session 4: Supporting young people with meltdowns

Young people often say the support they are given when experiencing a meltdown is not good, and that it can cause harm. Interestingly, this support is what many professionals are trained to offer. So we have worked with our community to create an alternative approach that better meets autistic young people's needs.

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Session 5: Understanding sensory differences

The majority of autistic people have sensory differences, which mean they process the world differently. This session aims to explain each of the 8 sensory systems, and share tools/ adjustments that are helpful for each individual sense.

Session 6: Understanding anxiety and wellbeing

Many people believe that all anxiety a young person experiences is part of autism, but this is not true.

This session is a deep dive into the different reasons autistic young people may experience anxiety, and what can help for each. 

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