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Getting Support

Using /support

Using /support

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Using /support

There are two ways to get help from a staff member on the Spectrum Gaming Minecraft Server.


The main way of getting support is to use a command while on the server itself. If you would like to do this, type and send a message like  this on the Minecraft chat:

/support [coordinates] [issue]

For example, if someone has broken into your base, you could say:

/support 500 73 210 Someone has broken the door to my base 

This would then notify all staff members, and someone will be able to assist as soon as possible. But this isn't always immediate, which is why adding coordinates is useful (as then moderators can still help even if you are offline). 

The other way to get support is to make a Minecraft Support Ticket from our Discord Server. The infographic below explains more about when you might want to make one of those instead of just using /support:

I died to a bug/ glitch! Can you do anything to help?

​The Minecraft server aims to be as close to normal survival as possible. Therefore, the only time staff members can give you your items back if you don't make it to your grave on time is if there is a bug or glitch.

We also only give items back if there is solid evidence of a bug, lag or a glitch.

This means that when you join our server, we recommend having software that allows you to record things that have happened in the past.


On Xbox, you can make a game capture

On PS4, you can make a game capture


On PC, you can use one of the following:

NVidia GeForce Experience


Windows Game Bar

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the relevant system in place to record your gameplay

Staff Information

The Minecraft server has a large staff team who are here to help! Here are some of the roles you might spot while playing:


Moderators: Moderators are young staff members who available to help reverse damage that has happened as a result of people breaking the rules and they make sure members get the right support.


Adult Staff: Some adult staff are also Moderators, or they may be Community Helpers who are there to help you settle in and help you to get started on the server.

Minecraft Builders: These are young staff members who build some of the amazing things on our servers such as the builds you see at Spawn, the Hub, and for Events.

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