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Survival Rules

Survival Rules


No stealing/ griefing or random block placing/ breaking (no changing other’s property without consent): 

Griefing is when you set traps, steal items or cause damage to other players or things they own (including pets)

People put a lot of hard work into their builds, and it can be upsetting for others if people change property without consent. You can break/ place blocks if you are more than 20 blocks away from someone’s base or a faction, but not within them.


No entering other people’s bases without permission (this includes using farms): Someone’s base is their private property. Imagine if someone walked into your house in real life without permission!


No building within 20 blocks of another build and no building within 100 blocks of a faction (unless you have permission): People may want to expand their bases, or would like to have space away from others, so we ask that any blocks placed must be at least 20 blocks away (but more if possible), unless you have permission to build closer. If you build within 20 blocks, you will be asked to move this build. If you do not move it, we may remove it and put your items from the build in a chest for you to access. A build counts as:

  • A base/ structure/ farm

  • A modification of a naturally spawning structure (it may help to place a sign so others know you have modified it, therefore making it claimed)

  • NOT a single block or sign, you must have a full structure

No PvPing others without permission: Our Survival world has pvp turned off by default. Two people can pvp each other if you both turn it on by typing '/pvp'. Even if someone else's pvp is turned on, it is against the rules to attack them without permission. People may have pvp on to do something with a friend, but may not want others to attack them.

Rules in the Nether

The nether is mainly used for travel and mining. As a result, the rules are slightly different to the overworld. Nether portals and nether tunnels are all public and can be used by everyone. But there a few rules:

  • No modifying other peoples builds e.g. placing blocks in nether tunnels, making changes to any builds, signs etc.

  • You CAN make tunnels through other people’s tunnels, but:

    • You CANNOT modify the contents of a tunnel you are travelling through if it is not owned by you

    • You CANNOT break blocks that are brought in from other worlds e.g. ice, wood etc. or break through bases/ other structures. This means that if someone has a fully enclosed base, you cannot break into this.

  • If you are making a tunnel through someone else’s tunnel, you are responsible for making sure the tunnel stays as protected (for example, making sure no mobs can access it)


Rules in the End

No building a farm within 200 blocks of another farm

Reminder: Rules that apply to the whole Minecraft Server

Keep everything Family Friendly PG Clean: Our server has members who are a variety of ages so it is important it is kept family friendly at all times. If you are unsure of if something is appropriate to say, please message a staff  member for advice 


Please respect individual preferences. People may have things they find upsetting/ annoying that you don't.  If someone asks you to stop doing something, you must stop 


No cheats, exploits or duplication glitches (except TNT entity duping for farms): 

This includes item duplication and other cheats (such as X-Ray).

Some mods are not allowed as they give an unfair advantage but some are allowed. Please DM a staff member if you are unsure of if a mod is allowed 

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