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The Shopping District

Coordinates X 490 Y 88 Z 216

Buying from the shopping district


At the shopping district, SG members have their own shops, and you can set up yours too! 

To buy from a shop, put the item you are using to pay with in your hand, then use the 'place block' button on the chest you would like to buy from

Setting up your own shop

If you wish to create a shop then you can follow these steps:

1. Place a chest

2. Place a sign on the front of the chest


3. On the first line of the sign type [Trade]

4. On the second line type the item and amount of the item that you wish to sell (Eg: 5 Diamond)

5. On the third line type the item and amount you want as payment (Eg: 10 Emerald)

6. If it has worked correctly some of the text should have changed color and at the bottom it will say out of stock, simply fill the chest with the items you are selling and people will be able to purchase from you

Writing items as plurals will not work, for instance “5 diamonds” would have to be written as “5 diamond”
Items with multiple words require an _
Eg: ender_pearl

Troubleshooting/ alternative methods of setting up your shop

If you are having trouble fitting the item on a sign


Take the following steps:

1. Place down the sign as usual and write [trade] on the top line, then click off the sign

2. To set the price of the product your selling just hold the price you would like to receive and look at the shop sign and do the following command:

/tradeshop addCost (number of that items needed)

Example: /tradeshop addCost 10 - while holding a diamond, meaning the buyer would have to have 10 diamonds to buy your product.

3. To set the item you would like to sell do the following command while holding the item you would like to sell:

/tradeshop addProduct (number of that items needed)

Example: /tradeshop addProduct 10 - while holding an emerald, meaning you would have to give 10 emeralds to whoever buys (automatically you just have to have the emeralds in the chest.)

If the sign doesn't make it clear what item you are selling

Simply place a sign above the chest that says what you are selling

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