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Anti-Behaviourism Behaviour Policy

When we say we don't believe in rewards, punishments or behaviourism, people often say "Well, what's the alternative?".

We worked with autistic young people to coproduce the NEST Approach, a methodology for supporting young people who are in crisis - but we recognise it can be hard to put this into practice when behaviourism is the norm in some settings.

Therefore, we have also developed an "Anti-Behaviourism Behaviour Policy" for high schools, so people can have a better understanding of the ethos, values and changes in practice that are needed to run an anti-behaviourist, ,needs focused, rights respecting provision. This has been made for people to use, edit and adapt for their own setting.

The Policy is available to download as a free resource here:

Development of the policy was led by:

Andy Smith, Creative Director, Spectrum Gaming

Alison Egerton, Lead Advocacy Trustee at SG and Specialist Outreach Teacher

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