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Hard Survival server

Videos on this page may be outdated.

Key features

The Survival world resets every 6-9 months. When this happens, you are sent a world download of the current world so you can play it privately if you would like to!

In game, there are commands you can type to get different pieces of information:

/rules - see the Minecraft Server rules

/tutorial - be taken to this website

This world is on hard mode, which means:

  • Keep inventory is turned off, when you die a grave is created.


  • You have access to duels (more information on duels below!)


  • The difficulty is set to “hard”! In Hard mode, hostile mobs will spawn and deal more damage than Normal mode. Mobs can cause you harmful status effects such as Poison or the Wither effect. You can also die of hunger in Hard mode.

Here are some coordinates of key areas


X 65 Y 85 Z -40

The shopping district

X -330 Y 120 Z -542

The Shopping District

New video coming soon

 X -416 Y 110 Z 400

Shopping District

Shopping District Information

The shopping district has had a massive update compared to last season's shopping district, instead of being able to build anywhere, which caused a lot of issues with buildings being too close to other member's builds, we now have "plots", 1 player can have 1 plot in the shopping district.

You can get a plot by asking an admin for one when you see them on the Minecraft server, If the admin has time they will give you a plot, If they don't have the time they will ask you to re-ask next time you see them online.

Once you have your shopping district plot you will be able to customise it to your liking, you will also be able to manage it via the lands menu (the plot is a land area inside of the shopping district land, you will have the admin role inside that plot meaning if you open the land menu, navigate to the areas menu and find your plot name you will then be able to add roles, add members, change permissions and more!) - you can find more information on how areas work below under the Land/Area claiming section.

Inside your plot you can also add tradeshops, these were on the server last season as well, tradeshops allows you to setup a chest with a sign on it, and it allows you to add a safe way for you to trade items for different items with other members. You can create a tradeshop by adding a sign to a chest and adding the following text:

Line 1: [trade]


Once you add that you can then look at the chest, hold the item you want to sell in your hand, and type the command /ts addProduct (number of items) - example: /ts addProduct 20 while holding a diamond. This would mean you will be selling 20 diamonds. (You do not need to add the item name to the end of the command, adding the item to the end of the command sometimes does not work.)


Once you add the product you can then add the cost item (the item members will have to give in exchange for the product, You can do this by holding the item you want in return and typing /ts addCost (number of items) - If you do not have the item you can add the item to the end of the command (/ts addCost 5 Emerald for example.)

Once the trade shop is created you need to put the Product item (in this case 20 diamonds in the chest, and the status of the chest will change from "out of stock" to "in stock", then if a member has the (in this case) 5 Emeralds they can simply right click on the trade shop sign and the emerald will be placed inside of the chest, and the diamonds will be placed inside of the member's inventory.

Chest Protection

Chest Protection
Chest protection

Chest protection

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The Chest Protection System

You can easily unlock and lock objects by typing the command /lock or /unlock and then clicking on the object.

Once an object is locked you can hold shift and left click on the object OR type /protect and left click which will bring up the settings menu for that object!

How to add someone to an object?


Using the protection system, you can give individual players access to an object.

In the menu, go into the “Members” section and then click on the green skull that says “Trust player” you can then type in the username you would like to add. From here you can remove member permission or promote them to 'admin', meaning they can also trust other players to this item. Another way to do this is by typing /trust [player] then clicking on the object

How to add a group to an object?

You are able to create groups which you can then add users to. Once that group is added to an object that will give all the users in the group access to use the object. 


If you go to the 'groups' section of the menu you can create a group and give it a name. Then all you have to do is simply left click on the group you would like to add and that will add everyone inside that group to the object.


To remove the group from the object you can hover over the “Edit Group” section in the main object menu and just press the “Q” Key.

There is a lot of customisation for the chest protection system. You can get more in depth information here: The protection system in detail

You can lock a variety of items, including up to 10 pets if you would like to keep them safe :) 

The Grave/ Death System

The grave system