Hard Survival server

Key features

The Survival world resets every 6-9 months. When this happens, you are sent a world download of the current world so you can play it privately if you would like to!

In game, there are commands you can type to get different pieces of information:

/rules - see the Minecraft Server rules

/tutorial - be taken to this website

This world is on hard mode, which means:

  • Keep inventory is turned off, when you die a grave is created.


  • You have access to duels (more information on duels below!)


  • The difficulty is set to “hard”! In Hard mode, hostile mobs will spawn and deal more damage than Normal mode. Mobs can cause you harmful status effects such as Poison or the Wither effect. You can also die of hunger in Hard mode.

Here are some coordinates of key areas


X 65 Y 85 Z -40

The shopping district

X -330 Y 120 Z -542

Survival Rules


Survival Rules


No stealing/ griefing or random block placing/ breaking (no changing other’s property without consent): 

Griefing is when you set traps, steal items or cause damage to other players or things they own (including pets)

People put a lot of hard work into their builds, and it can be upsetting for others if people change property without consent. You can break/ place blocks if you are more than 20 blocks away from someone’s base or a faction, but not within them.


No entering other people’s bases without permission (this includes using farms): Someone’s base is their private property. Imagine if someone walked into your house in real life without permission!


No building within 20 blocks of another build and no building above or below someone else's build: People may want to expand their bases, or would like to have space away from others, so we ask that any blocks placed must be at least 20 blocks away (but more if possible), unless you have permission to build closer. If you build within 20 blocks, you will be asked to move this build. If you do not move it, we may remove it and put your items from the build in a chest for you to access. A build counts as:

  • A base/ structure/ farm

  • A modification of a naturally spawning structure (it may help to place a sign so others know you have modified it, therefore making it claimed)

  • NOT a single block or sign, you must have a full structure

No PvPing others without permission: Our Survival world has pvp turned off by default. Two people can pvp each other if you both turn it on by typing '/pvp'. Even if someone else's pvp is turned on, it is against the rules to attack them without permission. People may have pvp on to do something with a friend, but may not want others to attack them.

Rules in the Nether

The nether is mainly used for travel and mining. As a result, the rules are slightly different to the overworld. Nether portals and nether tunnels are all public and can be used by everyone. But there a few rules:

  • No modifying other peoples builds e.g. placing blocks in nether tunnels, making changes to any builds, signs etc.

  • You CAN make tunnels through other people’s tunnels, but:

    • You CANNOT modify the contents of a tunnel you are travelling through if it is not owned by you

    • You CANNOT break blocks that are brought in from other worlds e.g. ice, wood etc. or break through bases/ other structures. This means that if someone has a fully enclosed base, you cannot break into this.

  • If you are making a tunnel through someone else’s tunnel, you are responsible for making sure the tunnel stays as protected (for example, making sure no mobs can access it)


Rules in the End

No building a farm within 200 blocks of another farm

Reminder: Rules that apply to the whole Minecraft Server

Keep everything Family Friendly PG Clean: Our server has members who are a variety of ages so it is important it is kept family friendly at all times. If you are unsure of if something is appropriate to say, please message a staff  member for advice 


Please respect individual preferences. People may have things they find upsetting/ annoying that you don't.  If someone asks you to stop doing something, you must stop 


No cheats, exploits or duplication glitches (except TNT entity duping for farms): 

This includes item duplication and other cheats (such as X-Ray).

Some mods are not allowed as they give an unfair advantage but some are allowed. Please DM a staff member if you are unsure of if a mod is allowed

The Shopping District

Coordinates TBC


Shopping District Information


More information coming soon! 

Chest Protection


The Chest Protection System

You can easily unlock and lock objects by typing the command /lock or /unlock and then clicking on the object.

Once an object is locked you can hold shift and left click on the object OR type /protect and left click which will bring up the settings menu for that object!

How to add someone to an object?


Using the protection system, you can give individual players access to an object.

In the menu, go into the “Members” section and then click on the green skull that says “Trust player” you can then type in the username you would like to add. From here you can remove member permission or promote them to 'admin', meaning they can also trust other players to this item. Another way to do this is by typing /trust [player] then clicking on the object

How to add a group to an object?

You are able to create groups which you can then add users to. Once that group is added to an object that will give all the users in the group access to use the object. 


If you go to the 'groups' section of the menu you can create a group and give it a name. Then all you have to do is simply left click on the group you would like to add and that will add everyone inside that group to the object.


To remove the group from the object you can hover over the “Edit Group” section in the main object menu and just press the “Q” Key.

There is a lot of customisation for the chest protection system. You can get more in depth information here: The protection system in detail

You can lock a variety of items, including up to 10 pets if you would like to keep them safe :) 

The Grave/ Death System


I died to a bug/ glitch! Can you do anything to help?

​The Minecraft server aims to be as close to normal survival as possible. Therefore, the only time staff members can give you your items back if you don't make it to your grave on time is if there is a bug or glitch.

We also only give items back if there is solid evidence of a bug, lag or a glitch.

This means that when you join our server, we recommend having software that allows you to record things that have happened in the past.


On Xbox, you can make a game capture

On PS4, you can make a game capture


On PC, you can use one of the following:

NVidia GeForce Experience


Windows Game Bar

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the relevant system in place to record your gameplay

The Grave/ Death System

When you die on the Minecraft server you will get a death message which shows the coordinates where you died. You can load this up again at any time by typing /grave. 

You have 15 minutes to get to your grave once you die, which is 10 minutes longer than the usually time on Minecraft. If you take longer than 15 minutes, the loot will drop and anyone is able to pick it up (if people know this is yours and you are trying to get this, they must give it back)


When you get to your grave, you can click on it to open it and get all of your items back

Land/ Area claiming


Land claiming

Land claiming is a new system we have added to both easy and hard mode! It uses similar menus to our chest protection menus if you have used those before. Lands can be a bit confusing at first, but becomes quite easy to understand!


When you join the server you will not be able to create your Land or claim Land until you have played on the server for 12 hours. 


Once you have played for 12 hours you will be able to create your Land with the command /land create (name). You will then be able to claim Land with the command /claim. 


At first you will be able to claim up to 12 chunks of land, but every hour you play on the server you will be given an extra chunk which you can claim, you will be able to claim a maximum of 150 chunks!



You can either create your Land by running the command /land create (your Land’s name), or if you just do /claim it will automatically create your Land for you using your player name. 


You can create up to 35 ‘Areas’ within your Land. The main Land is counted as the “default” Area. "


  • /view - this is a very useful command as it will show you where other player’s and your own Lands are by displaying a green (if it is your Land) or a red (if it is someone else's Land) particle line around the claimed chunks! - you can also use /view help to see more view commands with descriptions for each command such as:

  • /view stay - keeps the border at the height you ran the command at (meaning when you move to a different Y level the border wont follow up with you.

  • /view here - Does the opposite of /view stay, the border will move up and down with you (this is the default option when you do /view)

  • /view disable - this disables the borders


This can be used to help understand how big your Land is, which area belongs to you and which area belongs to others. If you are standing inside someone else’s Land it will display some information about the Land. This tool is also a very useful feature when setting your “Areas”; more info on that below!

All commands below can be accessed and controlled via the /lands menu as well (it's recommended to use the menus for easier navigation).


/claim - this command claims the chunk you are standing in for your Land



/lands list - this commands brings up a menu which lists all the Lands that have been made



/lands invites - this commands opens a menu which displays all the lands you have been invited to join, You can join up to 5 lands (6 including your own land)



/land trust (player) - this will add a player to your Land, - to add a player to a certain Area, add the Area’s name after the players name (/lands trust LewisB1 Area1)


/assign (Area name) - This will assign your selection (/selection) to an Area, this is used to set the boundaries for your Areas. More information on this below!

Area claiming

Areas are like mini Lands (or plots) inside of your Land. You can create up to 35 Areas (the main Land counts as an Area, so you can create 34 extra Areas) in your Land. You can add certain players to each Area and you can create or add from your land roles (which will include all the members who currently have that land role) you can create or add up to 10 roles per Area. In each Area you can customise your own settings for Player management, roles, Natural flags and Miscellaneous flags, all these basically work the same way stated above under Land menus.

Create an Area:

Creating an Area is actually quite easy. First off you need to go into your Land menu using the /land command and then navigate to the Areas section. Then click on the ‘Create Area’ button where you will then be asked to send the name of your area in the chat. (Type the name as a message, not a command.).

You then need to do the command /selection which will then give you a golden hoe (if you take the hoe out of your hand then the selection will cancel and you will have to redo the command!). 


Once you have the golden hoe you can select an area you would like to claim by left clicking in one corner, and right clicking in the opposite corner. This then creates a "box" which you can then claim by typing /claim (Areas are done by blocks not chunks meaning 1 corner would need to be at the bottom, and the other corner would need to be at the top in the air). 




Duels is a new system we have in place on the Hard server. This feature will allow 2 players who want to fight to pvp each other in one of our duel arenas! You can send someone a duel request by typing the command /duel (player).


This will then open a “request settings” menu, in this menu you will be able to cancel the request, send the request and pick your arena. We currently have 4 arenas: Nether Dimension, End Dimension, Overworld Dimension and the Sheep Dimension (which is a memory of one of Andy’s live streams)! You can also either pick a kit (we currently only have 2 kits but if you have any kit suggestions just let us know), or decide to use your own inventory (if you use your own inventory neither player will lose inventories if you die, you will just be teleported back to where you send/accepted the duel request with your inventory).


Once you send someone a duel request it will send an duel invitation to the other player, they will be able to accept it or deny it.