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We are currently actively seeking more volunteers to join our team to fill in the gaps we currently have, and ensure we can continue to offer a high quality community for autistic young people. To volunteer with us you must be over 18 and live in the UK.

If you share our passion and have some spare time, we would love it if you would consider joining us on our journey by volunteering with us. There are a variety of ways to get involved and support what we do, so you are able to volunteer in a way that suits your interests and strengths.


We owe everything Spectrum Gaming has achieved to our volunteers. And the more our team grows, the more we can do. 


You can read more about the roles we are recruiting for, the application process and how we support volunteers in our volunteer information pack


If you would like to become part of our team, you can complete the application form here, then we will be in touch within 2 weeks about the next steps: Volunteer application form


Here are the role descriptions for the volunteer roles we are currently looking for. But if you have any skills/ knowledge that can benefit our community in other ways, please still continue to complete a volunteer application form!

Autistic Community Mentor

Greater Manchester Meetup Volunteer

Online Event Volunteer

Minecraft Moderator

Admin Volunteer

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