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Information for under 13 parents

This page shares all the information you need as a parent of an under 13 member of our community. There is a lot of information so you are welcome to go through this at your own pace.

Watching the first video and reading the information on 'Your responsibilities as a parent' is essential before your child joins our community. 

Your Responsibilities as a Parent

Your Responsibilities as a Parent

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Your responsibilities as a parent

When you make a Discord account, your child may log in to this account on their devices, but you must log in to this account on your own devices too so you can see all activity and offer input when needed. The above video explains the reasons why this is needed.

In the video I spoke about the way we resolve issues in our community, and I wanted to share some more information about the approach and why it works. This then means if there are any fallouts or issues regarding your child in our community, we can hopefully work together using the same approach. 

Our approach is based on our extensive partnership work with autistic young people, in addition to the CPS Model (Dr. Ross Greene), the Low Arousal Approach (Professor Andy McDonnell) and the PANDA Approach (The PDA Society)