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With the wide range of information and resources regarding autism that is available, it can be incredibly difficult to know what is right, and what needs to be done to ensure the best outcomes for autistic people, but we are here to help. 


We can support you with work around 3 areas: 

  • Autism 

  • Digital support 

  • Improving coproduction 

At Spectrum Gaming, not just will you be working with adults with lived experience, but we have worked together with local authorities, strategical boards, schools and much more in a professional capacity, so we also have extensive practice experience of supporting autistic people, in addition to being autistic ourselves. 

We also believe in true representation of autistic people. Rather than running typical boards or groups for young people who feel confident enough to attend these, we focus on working in coproduction with young people who are often unheard, including young people who may be struggling to attend school, may be too anxious to attend typical 'youth voice groups' and more. This means we can offer insight which is often unheard, as long as you are able to adapt and work in a way that works for these young people.  

In addition to consultancy work, we also run training and events about autism, which people can sign up to attend. Here are a few examples: 

Here is some of the feedback we have had so far: