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'Who Can I Talk To?': Supporting Young People to Access Help and Support

Through our work we have found that sometimes young people can struggle to understand where to go when they are upset and seeking support with how they are feeling. It can be helpful to work with a young person to identify key people or services in their life who they can talk to when they are upset or distressed, so that they can receive appropriate support.

We have created this resource and activity, called 'Who Can I Talk To?', for parents and professionals to work through in collaboration with young people, in order to support them to understand what options they have when they need help.

As well as helping young people to understand their support options, it also covers things such as the idea of seeking emotional consent before 'venting' to someone, how to deal with others wanting to vent to you, and links to mental health services and helplines.

You can view the full activity and download the pdf here.

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