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Here's what you need to do to support your young person to get started in our community.

Check Your Responsibilities:

In order for your young person to have the best chance of success it is important to familiarise yourself with what we are responsible for and can offer support with, and what you are responsible for as a parent while your young person is in our community. You can read more about this here.


Once you have decided that Spectrum Gaming would be a suitable community for your young person to join, you can then fill out an application form. This is a summary of how the application process works:


Know What You Need To Do To Get Verified:

Understanding Discord

If you are new to Discord there are a lot of really helpful resources and tutorials on their website that you might find useful. Here are some of the ones we think would be the most helpful to check out:

Understand How Discord Works:

(please note this is not suitable if your young person is in our Under 13 server, as you are responsible for and own the account yourself, not your young person. You are also required to supervise private messages directly, which is not possible through the Family Centre feature). 


You may also want to check if someone your young person is talking to is someone who is also from SG. In order to do that you can right click on their username and select ‘profile’, you can then click on ‘Mutual Servers’ to see if they have a server in common with you. 


This will show you if that person is also in the SG u13 Community server, which can be helpful in most cases. However if someone has ‘moved up’ to our Teen server, or they are currently having a break from our server but are still a member, this would not show you that. 


If you are concerned about any messages your young person is receiving from someone who claims to be in SG but you cannot tell, please email and we can confirm if they are a member or not. 

U13 Supervision

Log In To Your Young Person's Account (if Under 13, or your young person needs closer supervision):

If you are a parent of a young person in our Under 13 server, it is important that you remember to log into the same account, in order to directly monitor their private messages and group chats. While SG staff monitor the messages sent on our Servers, we are unable to see anything sent in private messages (DMs). If your young person is 13+ you may also want to do this if they would benefit from closer supervision and support in order to access the community. 

You can log into the same account on different devices, so if your young person is logged into the account on their tablet or PC, you can also log into the same account on your phone or PC at the same time. You will need to adjust your notification settings to something that is suitable for you, if your young person needs a high level of supervision you may want notifications on for every message, however if your young person needs less, you may only want to review messages periodically.


If you already have your own Discord account and have made a second account for your young person to use, you can switch between them if you are using Discord on a PC/browser: 


If you are not sure what a DM is or how to find them to read them, you may find this tutorial helpful: 


As well as DMs you may want to review the messages that your young person has sent in the server, without having to scroll through all of the chat. Discord servers have a ‘search’ feature that you can use - if you type your username in there you should be able to bring up results of just the messages your young person has sent. This will not show any messages that have been deleted in the server, however staff have access to logs of those for moderation purposes.

Find out more about how our Discord servers work, how young people can access support and how they can provide feedback by checking out our Server Guides for our [Under 13 Community] and [Teen Community].

Server Features

Understand The Features of Our Discord Servers:

Parent Guide

Check Out Our Guide For Supporting Your Young Person When They Join:

We have created a guide for parents with ideas of how you can support your young person to get started making connections and playing with others in our community.

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