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Using the Teen Discord Community

Our community Discord server is open between 10am and 10pm.



When you join the Discord server, you will see the ‘verify’ channel, while waiting for a staff member to contact you.

A staff member will then message you asking for your full name. Once you send this, the staff member can verify you, giving you
 access to our community!

Community Rules

These rules are also available to view in the Discord server

1. Avoid using bad language, the server is a PG family friendly space. If you are with SG friends outside of the server (such as in a game or in DMs), you are allowed to swear or discuss older age topics, as long as there is a mutual agreement between young people and their parents. But even in those spaces, homophobia, racism, sexism etc. are not allowed.

2. Be respectful of other members, their identities and preferences. Everyone has different triggers or things they are comfortable with as a result of their life experiences. If something tells you a topic or something that has happened is making them uncomfortable, please do not continue with this. When this happens, it is ok to ask questions and learn more. If the person concerned is not comfortable explaining (which is likely for some topics, or depending on how stressed they are), please feel welcome to speak to a staff member if you would like to learn more or hear some ideas.

3. Things can get heated during disagreements or games. When this happens, we recommend taking a break. If you get too stressed, it is normal for the logical part of your brain to stop working so it is difficult to step away! This means that staff may mute you temporarily to give you the opportunity to relax, as we know you after some time and space you will feel differently about the situation.

4. Please do not advertise other Discord or Minecraft servers, this includes in DMs, your status and 'about me'. One of the reasons a lot of Spectrum Gaming members are allowed to join SG is that we have agreed to make it a private, safe space. Other Discord and Minecraft servers do not offer the same level of safety so invites are not allowed under any circumstances. Playing together with friends on well known, public Minecraft servers like Hypixel and Cubecraft is allowed, but no smaller servers, such as servers owned by SG members, their friends or small streamers. 

Any videos you post in #self-promo must not include links to your own server(s).

5. Please do not DM members of the server without permission from them in the group first. You also should not DM or make group chats with people that you do not know well. You need both their permission and the permission of group members before adding someone to a group chat. This also means you cannot add U13 server members to new group chats with people that they do not already know. 

You also cannot add SG members to group chats with non-SG members, or invite non-SG friends to play games with SG members.

6. Don't violate the privacy of other members. This also includes sharing messages or what people have said in this server elsewhere without their permission, or sharing their DMs with others (you can share DMs with a staff member for any staff related issue)

This rule also includes not taking screenshots of other people’s faces, or recording their audio without permission.

7. No inappropriate usernames/pictures, and no impersonating other members or ranks

8. If you want to spam, do it in spam chat. Spam is:

Sending 3 of the same message

Sending lots of messages that make little sense Sending lots of emojis or GIFs

Sending messages that do not fit with the channel theme

Sending a sentence over several messages (e.g. one word at a time) 

9.  No minimodding. Minimodding is where you take on the responsibilities of a staff member by telling people how to use the server and trying to resolve issues yourself. The majority of the time this can cause more conflict or tension, so we ask that if you are unhappy with something, you make a support ticket so a staff member can resolve the issue. Staff members are all trained in resolving issues respectfully

10. Keep toxic/banter comments to DMs with friends
Sometimes when people have close friendships they send 'toxic' to each other/ have banter as a joke. But for members who do not know you too well, it is hard to know whether it is a joke or not and it can make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, please keep this sort of chat to DMs with friends and out of the server so everyone feels welcome   This includes saying 'didn't ask' and similar phrases, plus using the nerd emoji to react to people's messages.

11. No AI art in the ⁠#creativity channel. 
If you would like to post AI art please use a different channel, depending on the topic of image. The creativity channel should only be used to post things you have created yourself, unless you are discussing/sharing references or inspiration and have stated that in your post. 

12. When using a music bot, you must have permission from everyone else in the voice chat at the time before adding it.
If some people do not want the music bot to be used, you can join a different channel to use it instead.

13. Don't screenshare games/ movies with swearing/ gore.
It is okay to play games/ watch movies like this with other people and to screenshare them in private with friends (if they are ok with this), just not in a voice channel on the server.

14. Please do not post fundraisers in the #⁠self-promo channel.

15. The server is English Language only.
This means that everyone on our moderation team can assess whether something goes against the rules of the server or not. 


'Looking For Gamers' Channel Rules:

  • Use no more than 2 gaming pings every 24 hours, and 1 ping every 2 hours.

  • Do not use a gaming ping before 8am or after 10pm

  • Do not use a gaming ping if someone else has used the same one in the last 2 hours. Instead, why not see if they would like to play?

  • Only reply to others if you are able to play, please do not reply to just say ‘no’ to someone, unless they have asked you specifically. 

Venting channel rules:
We think it’s really important that you have a safe space where you are able to vent your frustrations and express how you are feeling. However we have to delete any posts relating to self-harm or suicide, this is because other people can find reading about those topics triggering and upsetting. 

When someone is venting, giving advice, sharing your personal opinions or trying to problem solve is often not helpful and can make people feel worse. 

Please read the pinned messages before responding to anyone in venting.

Sometimes rules need to be created in the short term to help make the server work for everyone. This means staff may make a request which isn't listed here. Please try and follow this for now, but make a support ticket if you would like to chat about it more :)

Screenshot (751).png

New Members Area

Once you have been verified by a member of the staff team you will be given access to our New Members area as well as the main area of the server! We know that joining a big, busy Discord server for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming, so this area is like a mini version of the main server where you can learn how to use our community and make friends in a smaller group. We have a friendly team of 'Helpers' who can show you how things work and give tours of our Minecraft server. There's also the chance to join in with events too! 

Information channels 

The channels in our server all have different purposes, once you have been verified you will be able to see some of these from the New Members area, but some are only available once you move in to the main part of the server:


#discord-rules: You can see all the community rules here

#minecraft-rules: You can view our Minecraft Server's rules here

#getting-support: Information on where to get support from when you are struggling

#announcements: Here you can keep up to date with any community changes, or things that are happening within Spectrum Gaming

#introductions: Here introduce yourself so others can get to know you. You can also read the introductions of other members

#staff-introductions: Here you can get to know Spectrum Gaming’s staff members

#Uploads: If you make a support ticket with your YouTube channel link, a member of staff can add your channel to the uploads channel, so your videos are posted there every time you upload

#role-assignments: You can use this channel to customise your experience. Press ‘reaction buttons’ to gain access to channels based on your interests!

Event channels 

We have event channels, where you can find out more about what events are running, when they are and how to get involved. Press the green tick next to an event so event leads know you are planning to attend, then press the clock button to set a reminder for yourself

Customise your experience

#role-assignments: here you can get access to different text and event channels based on your interests

#gaming-pings: here you can sign up to be notified when others would like to play a game that you also like

Text Channels

We have different text channels for different purposes. Some examples: 

#general is for conversation about anything you like

#memes is for sharing memes!

#creativity can be used to share any art you have made, music you like or photos you have taken

#looking-for-gamers is a chat made for asking others if they would like to play a game

It can be helpful to take some time looking at each channel to learn how it works 

Voice Channels

Voice Channels are where you can speak with others using a microphone. You are welcome to join a Voice Channel at any time to chat with others. If you aren't comfortable speaking, you are still welcome to join! We have a text channel called voice-text which you can message in if you would like to join the conversation, but you are also welcome to join a voice chat and just listen :) 

Making private voice chats


To make a private voice chat
Join the 'Generator' voice channel and you will be given your own temporary voice channel, which you can customise using the interface.

Giving Feedback

We are always open to feedback, so we have a variety of feedback channels.

#event-suggestions – here you can suggest events that you would like the staff team to run.

#suggestions– Here you can share what you would like us to do better or differently on the server. This channel is reviewed every month by the staff team.

Getting Support

If you need support, go to the #support-tickets channel and click to activate a support ticket.

Once you have done this, you will be added to a private chat with staff members where you can share an issue, and a staff member will respond as soon as possible.

Please try and give as much information as you can :)

Adding music to voice chats

To use the music bot

Step 1: Join a voice channel

Step 2: Type ‘ch!play [song name] in the voice-commands channel

There are other useful commands for the bot

ch!forceskip: skip the current song

ch!pause: pause the music

ch!play: play the music

ch!queue: see the song queue

ch!shuffle: shuffle the song queue

ch!volume: change the music volume

Getting Started Guide

We have also written a guide for young people with some tips and advice on how to use the server and connect with other members, which you can read >here<

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