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Creative Rules

Creative Rules

If someone gives you building permissions on their plot, please respect their builds and only build/ edit things you have agreed on together: People might give you permission to build so you can build something together or make a few edits. But please check with them before making any other changes to their creative plot. 

Reminder: Rules that apply to the whole Minecraft Server

Keep everything Family Friendly PG Clean: Our server has members who are a variety of ages so it is important it is kept family friendly at all times. If you are unsure of if something is appropriate to say, please message a staff  member for advice 


Please respect individual preferences. People may have things they find upsetting/ annoying that you don't.  If someone asks you to stop doing something, you must stop 


No cheats, exploits or duplication glitches (except TNT entity duping for farms): 

This includes item duplication and other cheats (such as X-Ray).

Some mods are not allowed as they give an unfair advantage but some are allowed. Please DM a staff member if you are unsure of if a mod is allowed 

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