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If You Need To Contact Staff:

If your young person is having difficulty with another member of the community it is important to let our staff team know so that we can address it. If we are not aware that something is happening then we cannot help support the young people involved. 


Young people are able to make Support Tickets to talk to the staff team within the Discord Servers themselves, however if you need to contact the team, it is best to email 


If you do need to email us it is really helpful to include as much information about an issue as possible, and include screenshots of messages if you are able to. 

When Staff May Contact You:

We may also need to contact you to help problem solve issues in the community, or if we have a safeguarding concern, for example if your young person says they are going to hurt themselves. 


When a young person is frequently struggling in the community we always try to problem solve things with them first, however we may contact you if we need your help to do this.


The welfare of our young people is always a top priority, so there may be instances when a young person is continuing to struggle with something that means we may have to make a referral to other services under safeguarding law. However we will (in almost all cases) have been engaging with and speaking to parents first.

Understanding Moderation In The Community:

When staff are moderating the servers and supporting young people there may be occasions when we have to ‘mute’ members. Sometimes this can be because the young person is very upset and just needs a chance to calm down, or it could be that there is something that we need to work together to problem solve before they can be unmuted. 


If staff have ‘muted’ your young person they will either send them a DM on Discord, or your young person is able to open a Support Ticket in the server to chat to staff about it. If we are unable to resolve the issue or support your young person, then we will contact you to see if you can help us with this. Depending on the situation, your young person may remain ‘muted’ on the server until we have had a chance to discuss how to best support them and make a plan for things moving forward.

Staff are sometimes flexible with the rules, depending on the circumstances, and you can read more about that here: Why We Are Sometimes Flexible With The Rules.

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