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Server Rules

General Rules

General Rules

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(Please note that these videos need updating to match the newer written rules and may contain incorrect info)

General Rules (applies to all worlds):

  1. Keep everything Family Friendly PG Clean.

  2. Please respect individual preferences. People may have things they find upsetting/ annoying that you don't. 

  3. No cheats, exploits or duplication glitches (except TNT entity duping for farms). If you are not sure if something is allowed please ask staff in a Support Ticket on Discord.

  4. Please do not spam in the chat.

  5. The server is English Language only.

  6. No Gambling. This includes selling 'mystery boxes/items' to other players.

  7. No prisons, or trapping other players.

  8. No spleefing (unless you are playing spleef!)

  9. No entering other people’s bases without permission (this includes using farms): Someone’s base is their private property. Imagine if someone walked into your house in real life without permission!

  10. Do not share Discord names with tags through Minecraft as people may be from a different server - can you instead agree to meet on a Minecraft channel?

  11. No farms within 1000 blocks of spawn or the shopping district. If you have farm which causes lag, it is not allowed unless you have spoken with staff and their are agreements in place around when/ how this can be used. Lag machines are never allowed.

Sometimes rules need to be created in the short term to help make the server work for everyone. This means staff may make a request which isn't listed here. Please try and follow this for now, but make a support request if you would like to chat about it more :) 

Sometimes a Moderator may temporarily remove you from the server, while they investigate something, this is only temporary and doesn't mean you have done anything wrong. 


Support Tickets:



If you need staff help, please only make ONE support request per issue, moderators will respond when they are able to. 

It needs to include:

  • What happened, including specific items/ blocks 

  • The coordinates


Please give all the information we need to be able to resolve it, without asking for more info.


General Rules
Support Tickets