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Server Rules

(Please note that these videos need updating to match the newer written rules and may contain incorrect info)

General Rules (applies to all worlds):

  1. Keep everything Family Friendly PG Clean.

  2. Please respect individual preferences. People may have things they find upsetting/ annoying that you don't. 

  3. No cheats, exploits or duplication glitches (except TNT entity duping for farms). If you are not sure if something is allowed please ask staff in a Support Ticket on Discord.

  4. Please do not spam in the chat.

  5. No entering other people’s bases without permission (this includes using farms): Someone’s base is their private property. Imagine if someone walked into your house in real life without permission!

  6. Do not share Discord names with tags through Minecraft as people may be from a different server - can you instead agree to meet on a Minecraft channel?

Sometimes rules need to be created in the short term to help make the server work for everyone. This means staff may make a request which isn't listed here. Please try and follow this for now, but make a support request if you would like to chat about it more :) 

Sometimes a Moderator may temporarily remove you from the server, while they investigate something, this is only temporary and doesn't mean you have done anything wrong. 


Support Tickets:



If you need staff help, please only make ONE support request per issue, moderators will respond when they are able to. 

It needs to include:

  • What happened, including specific items/ blocks 

  • The coordinates


Please give all the information we need to be able to resolve it, without asking for more info.


General Rules
Support Tickets

Survival/Creative Rules:

  1. No stealing/ griefing or random block placing/ breaking (no changing other’s property without consent): Griefing is when you set traps, steal items or cause damage to other players or things they own (including pets) People put a lot of hard work into their builds, and it can be upsetting for others if people change property without consent. You can break/ place blocks if you are more than 100 blocks away from someone’s base, but not within them.

  2. No building within 100 blocks of another build (unless you have permission): People may want to expand their bases, or would like to have space away from others, so we ask that any blocks placed must be at least 100 blocks away (but more if possible), unless you have permission to build closer. If you build within 100 blocks, you will be asked to move this build. If you do not move it, we may remove it and put your items from the build in a chest for you to access.  A build is:

    • A base/ structure/ farm

    • A modification of a naturally spawning structure (it may help to place a sign so others know you have modified it, therefore making it claimed) 

    • NOT a single block or sign, you must have a full structure

  3.  You are also not allowed to ‘ban’ or ‘deny’ everyone from your lands if its within 1000 blocks of spawn, as it causes issues with players traveling

  4. No building farms within 1000 blocks of spawn. Any farms that cause lag are not allowed

  5. If someone gives you building permissions on their land, please respect their builds and only build/ edit things you have agreed on together.

  6. No copying other players builds without their permission.


Shopping District Rules:

  1. You cannot ‘ban’ other players from your Shopping District plot

  2. You cannot have private rooms or beds/bases within the Shopping District.

  3. If someone gives you building permissions on their plot, please respect their builds and only build/ edit things you have agreed on together.

Shopping District

Survival Nether Rules:

The nether is mainly used for travel and mining. As a result, the rules are slightly different to the overworld. Nether portals and nether tunnels are all public and can be used by everyone. But there a few rules:


  1. No modifying other peoples builds e.g. placing blocks in nether tunnels, making changes to any builds, signs etc.

  2. You CAN make tunnels through other people’s tunnels, but:

    • You CANNOT modify the contents of a tunnel you are traveling through if it is not owned by you

    • You CANNOT break blocks that are brought in from other worlds e.g. ice, wood etc. or break through bases/ other structures. This means that if someone has a fully enclosed base, you cannot break into this.

  3. If you are making a tunnel through someone else’s tunnel, you are responsible for making sure the tunnel stays as protected (for example, making sure no mobs can access it)

Survival End Rules:

  1. No building a farm within 200 blocks of another farm: this is because it will affect the spawn rates of any nearby farms.

Destructive Server Rules:

  1. Anything you build can be destroyed by others -If you build something on the Destruction server other people are allowed to destroy it and the world gets reset every day at 5pm if the server lag is too much even after reboots we may have to do an extra reset before or after 5pm, the world will still always reset at 5pm though.

  2. No lag machines - While you are allowed to destroy everything, you are not allowed to make lag machines - anything that will lag the server even after a reboot is not allowed.

Survival Nether
Survival End
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