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Fundraising Tips

We’re thrilled you’re taking part in our gaming marathon.  Whether you’re hoping to raise £10, £100 or more - every penny raised will help Spectrum Gaming to keep running. 

If you’re new to fundraising and would like some help getting started, below are our top fundraising tips.  To set up your fundraising page just visit and click “Start Fundraising”.  If you’re under 18 you can ask your grown-up to help you with this.

Before the big day

Setting a fundraising target 

Having a target of how much you’d like to raise can encourage supporters to help you reach your goal. 

Sharing stories, photos and videos 

Letting people know why you're fundraising and the difference their donations can make can help motivate people to donate and share your fundraiser. 
The Facebook algorithm isn't keen on links! If you post on Facebook, it can be helpful share images and videos, then leave your fundraiser link in the comments section. This will make sure more people see your post, and are therefore more likely to click on the link. 

If you are sharing to Twitter or Instagram, you can reach more people by using our hashtag #GamingForGood 

Consider asking questions

It would be amazing if sharing a post resulted in lots of donations, but that isn't always the case. Asking friends, family and followers questions can help to get more engagement though.  For example, asking if they can share your fundraiser lets them know you are fundraising, gives them the option to share, but also means they can donate if they would like to. 

Setting up a Facebook event

If you use Facebook, making an event and inviting friends can help people to hear about your fundraiser, and also give you the option to share updates and extra information on the lead-up to the day. 

Sharing short, frequent updates

Sharing updates of what you are planning once a week or so can be a great way of engaging your supporters. It can be helpful to keep posts short or use short and snappy videos or pictures to maximise engagement. 

On the day

Asking people to support you on the day

If you decide to live stream it’s likely friends, family and people who donate will watch this.  If it feels comfortable, setting challenges or forfeits for hitting certain fundraising targets can encourage people to donate (see our page on setting up your stream for guidance on setting fundraising targets and challenges).

Sharing updates on the day

Sharing updates with online followers on the day about how much money you have raised and the games you are playing can help to get more engagement. If your chat makes any fun clips, these are also a great size to share on social media.


Having fun

Most of all, we hope you enjoy the experience.  Whatever the amount raised, or length of time gamed, we’re so grateful that you’re taking part.

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