Joining the Minecraft Server on Bedrock (Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo Switch)

Server name: [write whatever server name you like]

Server Address:

Port: 19132

Written Instructions

  1. When you load up minecraft click play

  2. Next click on the friends tab at the top

  3. Then click on Add Friend

  4. After that Enter the gamertag Public EU GC  OR Public GC then press enter

  5. It should then show the Public EU GC OR Public GC  Profile, Click on Add Friend

  6. Now go back to the main menu and wait for the bot to add you back, this may take between 30 seconds - 5 minutes.

  7. Once the bot adds you back click on the Friends tab again and you should see the option to join US Public GeyserConnect proxy! Under joinable friends.

  8. When you join it you will see a “notice” popup which says to not join big servers such as hypixel on bedrock as you may get banned. You can scroll down and click Submit!

  9. Once you click submit it will take you to a server list, if you click on custom servers

  10.  Then you can click on Edit servers And then click on Add server and enter the details below:


Port: 19132

Toggle online mode to light grey (this should already be toggled)

Toggle Bedrock/Geyser server to light grey (you can do this by clicking on the button slider thing? - another word for this would be useful) 

12. Once you enter the details above, click submit

13. You can then click the back button and join the spectrumgaming server!


To rejoin a server, follow steps 7, 8, 9 and 13!


If you receive a message saying you are not whitelisted



If you receive this message, it may mean one of the following:

  • You have not yet signed up to or been verified to join Spectrum Gaming

  • When you signed up to join Spectrum Gaming, your Minecraft username was not entered or it was entered incorrectly - you can message a Spectrum Gaming volunteer to fix this

  • You have changed your username since signing up to Spectrum Gaming, or have made a new Java account - you can message a Spectrum Gaming volunteer to correct your details

If you receive a message saying you have been temporarily taken off the server whitelist



If you receive this message, it may mean one of the following:

  • There has been an incident on the server which involves you, and we would like to work together with you to see how we can fix any difficulties you may have experienced 

  • We may have felt you would benefit from a break from the server, as sometimes emotions get very high!


If you receive the above message and a Minecraft moderator has not contacted you already (they usually will), please message a Minecraft moderator directly so they can assist. 


If you are unable to join the server for any other reason

  • Try using this server address instead:

  • Try deleting the server and adding it back

  • Check you have an internet connection and that your connection is strong. Consider restarting your internet router

  • Check the Minecraft server announcements channel on Discord, there may be network issues or scheduled downtime

  • If you have still been unable to join the server, please check out this external troubleshooting guide which shares common problems and fixes:

If after trying all of the above your issue has not been resolved, please message a moderator and share any error codes that you receive