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Our Trustees

Here are the trustees who oversee the strategic direction of Spectrum Gaming. Though we also have a truly fantastic team of volunteers who make Spectrum Gaming possible!


Andy Smith

Creative Director

I am Andy, the founder of Spectrum Gaming.

I am also a keen autistic advocate and of course an avid gamer!


Claire Teague


I am an Arts Fundraiser with an autistic son and a neurotypical son.

We all enjoy gaming in my family especially on the Nintendo Switch. Platform games are my nemesis.


Catia Radu


I met Andy in University and bonded over our common goal to make the world a better place. I am a research volunteer and I advocate for mental health, celebrating differences and creating safe spaces for people to thrive.


Leah Hanlon


I am Leah, I am a trustee, and I joined the board so I can use my insight as an autistic adult to help Spectrum Gaming the become the best it can be.

I love Zelda games and tamagotchi!


Claire Harrison


I’m mum to an autistic son and a primary school teacher . I like being outdoors (rain or shine), listening to music and reading. I’m proud to be part of an organisation which genuinely listens, cares and acts on behalf the views and needs of our young people.


Sarah-Jane Snape


I am a mum to two sons (one autistic), paediatric dentist and parent carer forum member.

I am too busy for hobbies beyond baking, eating the results, and walking it off.

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