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Do you need an autism diagnosis to join our community?

While our community is for autistic young people, some of our members do not have an official diagnosis.

Our founder didn't receive his autism diagnosis until he was 20, so it would be quite hypocritical if people could only join Spectrum Gaming when they are diagnosed!

Young people need to fulfil one of the following criteria to join our community:
- They have an autism diagnosis
- They are on the waiting list for an assessment/ diagnosis
- They self identify as autistic

Some young people have joined our community, then realised it isn't the right fit for them, and that is perfectly fine. Young people are welcome to leave (and rejoin) our community at any time.

It may also be worth noting that we are a very openly autistic community where autism is discussed all the time. Therefore your young person may find this confusing if they join but they are not aware that they are, or could be, autistic.

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