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Minecraft Factions

Scroll down to see the faction list!

If you would like to join a faction, you should message a faction leader. If you can't see them in game, ask a staff member who can help introduce you to them! 

How to join a Faction


Once you have been accepted to join a faction, type /f join [faction name], then the faction leader should be able to invite you! 


The Community Hub


In addition to being able to join a faction, we have a community hub for supporting new members. You can go here for free support, equipment and more to help on your journey! The Community Hub coordinates are X 1080 Y 154 Z 1228


Faction Rules

Hey! Here are the rules set for our faction! No fighting. Be kind! Do not be rude. Take care of your settlement! Have fun. (:

The Underground

Ran by Nova and Eperine

Faction Description

Howdy! How’d you end up here? Oh well, no bother. This is the underground faction! The best one yet!! ..or so we hope. This will be a safe, community to make friends, relax and build your own settlement! We, Eperine and Nova, shall assist you with your stay with us! Any questions? Dm us! Thank you for dropping by! We knew you would. (:’

Cheese Crew

Led by Ausfl1ick and HH

Faction Description

cheese crew is the best dairy themed faction run by HH_100 and ausfl1ick the cheese lords.

This faction is invite only. 

Faction Rules

  1. no stealing

  2. if you help the faction with building like building a farm and then leave the faction then the farm that was built is owned by the faction not you

  3. no griefing (this includes random block placement)

  4. do not allow people outside the faction to use faction farms or be on faction property without ausfl1icks or HH,s permission

  5. love cheese


Led by SoupyFX and LazarDogGaming

Faction Description

We are IFCo, the Industrial Farming Co. We specialises in industrial growing and industrial farming in mob and plant sections if you like making massive farms were the faction for you. We also are a peaceful faction with hopeful good relations with all other factions so if you don't like conflict then were a good option. Our faction is a faction were we have no exact leader we vote on what we should and then we all concentrate all our effort on that goal so everyone is include. Only exception is in times of conflict (Witch we trying to avoid).

Faction Rules

  1. Before doing anything on a large scale you must consult the entire group.

  2. Everything is communal so you can share (So everyone benefits from the thing you done).

  3. Before trading items the faction must agree to do the trade (At least 1/2 of the faction).

  4. Have fun (Or something like that).

  5. If a new member wants to join half of the faction has to agree to letting them in.

Redstone Builders

Led by Neepbot5000

Faction Description

We are Redstone Builders. We are a Redstone centralised Faction that focuses on farms, and Redstone. Once you join, you get access to all our farms made by Redstone builders. You will also get access to our main hub, where there will be easy transport options. We will also be willing to help if you need some help on Redstone. So, in a nutshell, Redstone builders is a faction where we build Redstone contraptions, and farms.

Faction Rules

  1. No Griefing

  2. No stealing from other people's chests (presuming they aren't locked)

  3. You may take the resources from farms (etc there will be a gold farm, you can take the gold)

  4. If we give you anything (not from farms), you can keep the item forever (unless said) but if you leave the faction, you have to give it back

  5. If you join the faction, you get access to all the farms made by Redstone builders, if you leave, you will lose access.

  6. Important: If you leave the faction, you will not be able to join for a fortnight. [this is done to prevent people instantly joining and leaving to use a farm once without properly being part of the faction.]

Paradise Faction

Led by AndyAndoid (Alex365 on Discord)

Faction Description

It will be located somewhere calm like for example by the side of a mountain or a beach

There will be a main building for group meetings for a faction storage room and to have a faction nether portal inside or outside and we will worship Shrek in there sometimes lol

Open to member suggestions

It will be a calming and nice place for anyone to calm down and rest

Faction Rules

  1. Don’t build near the main building without any permissions

  2. Armour off when entering the main building

  3. No aggressiveness or fighting

Any other rules can be suggested

The Futuristics

Led by Runical and Fireball67_

Faction Description

Our goals are to succeed as a popular mini-community with a very big futuristic cave, and get OP quick overpowering every other faction, however we have a capacity of members so apply to join and we will see if your worthy (sarcasm)

Faction Rules

  1. No stealing

  2. Donating is non-existent, however sharing is advised and partially mandated but to an extent

  3. No building anything other than the schematics without permission

  4. No adding members without permission

  5. No secrets

  6. No gossip


Led by Thrumptus

Faction Description


(Insert Mr Krabs meme here)

Faction is closed, members are accepted via invite only

Faction Rules

  1. Fight me


Led by XPVM

Faction Description

What's a faction?

Faction Rules

  1. if you made a chest for public use with people of the faction, DONT LOCK IT

  2. Don't build over or under areas that someone made unless they say you can.

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