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Faction Commands

Faction Commands


/f who (faction name) - shows information about a faction

/f list - shows all the factions on the server

/f coords - broadcasts your location to your faction members

/f showclaims - lists all the claims from your faction

/f leave - leaves the faction you are in (the faction leaders will have to invite you back)

/f chat faction/public - enables faction chat or main chat

/f rules - lists the rules of the faction your in

Faction Leader Commands


/f tag (new tag) - sets a new name for your faction

/f unclaimall - unclaims all the claim land your faction owns

/f invite (player) - invites a player to your faction

/f rules add (new rule) - adds a new rule to your faction

/f rules remove (line number) - removes a rule from your faction

/f claim - claims the chunk your standing in

/f claimline 1-50 - claims up to 50 chunks in the direction you are looking at

/f description (description) - changes your factions description

/f kick (player) - kicks a player from your faction

/f unclaim - unclaims the chunk your standing in

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