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Creative Commands

Creative Commands

On the Creative Server we have access to a wide variety of commands: 

/p claim - claim the plot you are standing on

/p auto - automatically claims a plot for you.

/p toggle chat - toggles the plot chat

/p info - view information on the plot your standing on

/p deny (user) or /p deny * to deny everyone

/p allow (player) or /p allow * to allow everyone onto your plot (only works if you denied a player or everyone on the plot)

/p trust (player) - trusts someone to your plot so they can build when your offline

/p add (player) - adds someone to your plot but they can only build when your online

/p remove (player) - removes someone from being able to build on your plot

/p v (player) - visits someone else's plot

/p - teleport to the middle of your plot.

/p teleport (player) - teleport to another players plot

/p i trusted - view who is trusted on your plot

/p i members - view who is added to your plot

/p rate (1-10) - rate someones plot

/p set floor (block) - set the plot floor a different plot

/p clear - clears your plot

/p delete - deletes your plot

/p alias set (new name) - renames your plot

/nv - toggles night vision

/heads - opens the head database

/tutorial - gives you a link to this page

/rules - shows the server rules

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